Hearing aids

Hearing aids will assist you with being a part of the conversation, participate in social gathering and ensure you don’t start to feel isolated.

Wearing hearing aids reduces the risk of auditory deprivation. When you have hearing loss and do not use hearing aids the nerves of the hearing mechanism become deprived of stimulation and slowly become weakened.

As a result, the brain gradually loses some of its ability to process information including speech.

Hearing loss can have many causes, but in most cases it can be addressed successfully with the help of hearing aids.

Hearing Aids Assist To

  • Improve speech understanding with or without visual cues
  • Improve ability to use the telephone
  • Increase appreciation of music
  • Increase ability to hear environmental sounds
  • Increase emotional stability
  • Increase engagement in social activities
  • Increase your confidence
  • Reduce lip reading effort and
  • Reduce communication stress/fatigue level

Hearing Aid Selection

The ideal hearing aid for you will be determined once our audiologist has a complete understanding of your communication need and difficulties.

This information combined with your test results will allow us to advise and help you select the best device for you.

Hearing Aids Types & Styles

We offer a full range of modern digital hearing aids at our clinics across Melbourne, they come in the different types and styles; from fully subsidised for eligible Pensioners and Veterans to premium devices with highly advanced technology.

Click here for more information on Lyric, the 100% invisible hearing aid.


(100% Invisible)

IIC Hearing Aids

(Invisible In the Canal)

CIC Hearing Aid

(Completely In the Canal)

ITC Hearing Aids

(In The Canal)

ITEs Hearing Aids

(In The Ear)

RIC Hearing Aids

(Receiver In Canal)

ITE Hearing Aids

(In The Ear)

BTE Hearing Aids

(Behind the Ear)

Hearing Aid Technology

Digital hearing aid technology has made a significant difference to the quality and appearance of today’s hearing aids. The volume of background noise which many struggle with in older hearing aids can be turned down automatically, all the time, without having to fiddle with buttons.

As well as offering a clearer sound quality and better performance, digital technology allows hearing aids to be smaller and slimmer, so that they feel more comfortable and look more discrete. With advances in digital technology ‘comfortable hearing levels’ are no longer a great problem.

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