Bone-anchored hearing systems (BAHS)

What is a BAHS?

A BAHS, short for bone-anchored hearing system, is a surgically implantable device. It is a type of hearing aid that works by bone conduction, so it is also called a bone conduction hearing system. Sounds are transferred through the bone to the cochlea which is our hearing organ by a mechanical vibration. It is used to treat hearing loss in people that are unable to wear conventional hearing aids. People may refer to any of this kind of hearing aid as “bone-anchored hearing device” or “bone-anchored hearing aid” (BAHA).

Why Bone Anchored Hearing Systems?

Bone-anchored hearing systems work best for people who have at least one inner ear (cochlea) that functions normally. Their outer or middle ears do not transmit sound correctly or complete deaf in one ear. Candidacy is best determined by a hearing care professional like an audiologist .

Bone anchored hearing devices bypass particular problems by sending sound vibration directly to the inner ear through the skull bone. This can be helpful because middle ear and ear canal problems might prevent sound waves and signals from reaching the inner ear. In those cases, standard hearing aids are ineffective.

How do they work? 

Bone-anchored hearing devices include a titanium bone implant and an external sound processor. The sound processor has microphones that pick up sounds and convert them into vibrations sent to the embedded implant. In turn, the implant vibrates the surrounding bone, which sets up sound waves in the inner ear that stimulate the hair cells and result in the firing of the auditory nerve.

Am I a candidate for a BAHS?

Is bone anchored hearing aid a good choice for me?

People who are unable to wear conventional hearing aids may benefit from wearing a BAHS. A bone conduction hearing system can be a good solution if your hearing loss is due to problems in your outer or middle ear.


Oticon Medical’s Ponto™ System 

Ponto is the brand name of Oticon Medical’s bone-anchored device that has been on the market since 2009. Ponto 5, which is the latest and smallest available bone-anchored hearing device currently on the market that offers full wireless capabilities. The retail price is often covered by medical insurance.  Ponto is appropriate for children under the five years old, those who only require temporary hearing assistance or are just trying it out, and anyone with physical conditions that preclude implantation. Ponto sound processors are designed with powerful technology that gives you access to more sound than ever before. This approach supports the way brain naturally makes sense of sound. BrainHearing™ philosophy is all about making listening easier in any environment. 

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