Hearing aid Fitting

Fitting & Fine Tuning

After the evaluation of your hearing, explaining the results and selection of the appropriate hearing aids, our audiologist will program the hearing aids by taking some factors into account such as: your hearing loss, your age, your lifestyle and your needs. We do not program the hearing aids only based on the audiogram. Our audiologist also evaluates and optimises the acoustic performance of the aids by doing some objective tests.

Ongoing Support & Fine Tuning

We pride ourselves on providing the best possible hearing solutions; this includes as many appointments for support and fine tuning as you need for the first 12 months to receive the best possible level of speech intelligibility.

Adapting to Hearing Aids

Everyone is different; some people adjust very quickly to their aids while others find the process more challenging. With an initial hearing aid fitting, you will notice that unimportant sounds will seem both louder and unnaturally noticeable through your hearing aids at first; however, with a little time and patience you will begin to comfortably hear sounds that you haven’t heard for some time.

As a result, you will find communication a more positive experience while wearing your aids and more difficult without them. This is an inevitable part of a successful hearing aid fitting, and does not mean that hearing aid use has aggravated your level of hearing loss.
We are happy to help those who need extra help through this process. Our aim is to provide the ongoing professional support required to give you the best possible result from your hearing aid fitting.

This support extends beyond the fitting process. If at any time you experience any concerns with your aids you are encouraged to schedule an appointment to address any concerns you have with the comfort of your hearing levels, moulds etc.

Regular hearing checks to monitor any changes in hearing levels

As hearing loss is an ongoing process we recommend regular review appointments where your hearing and hearing aids can be checked, cleaned and adjusted if necessary.

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