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Hi, My name is Geoffrey and I suffer from moderate hearing loss. I have been wearing hearing aids my whole life and for the most part was fitted with some pretty cheap, basic hearing aids and they weren’t really fit for purpose. Got out into the world and was a little bit awkward for not being able to hear things clearly. I had a lot of trouble with wind and in noisy environments. Recently, I came to AudioHearing and got fitted with some great behind-the-ear hearing aids. They solved pretty much all of the problems and now I feel a lot more confident going out into the world and socialising, and just being myself, worrying less about what kind of hearing aids I have and if they will be able to do the job well for me or not. So, really recommend coming to AudioHearing and checking it out if you have any questions about your hearing loss or if you want to learn more how to improve your hearing life.

Geoffrey L, South Yarra

I live in a home amongst a number of elderly people and I have found I was not able to communicate because I was not hearing.  I came along to Audio(Hearing) and had my ears tested and it has made such a difference to my life. I can go to the social gatherings, to general meetings, walks with the people and I can hear everything that is going on. The friendliness and the service that I have received from this company have been excellent.

Joan S, Brighton

Hello everybody! Here I am at AudioHearing, thank God for AudioHearing. They have helped me quite a lot. Here is a book, it is about the opera which I love and Cherry, who works here and has helped me, loves opera. I decided she might like this little book. It is called The Story of Opera for over a hundred years(“The Story of a Hundred Operas” by Felix Mendelsohn). Anyway, I couldn’t hear well. My life was just dreadful and then as soon as I got these hearing aids, my life changed. Everything was better, the opera and the music, I heard beautifully I hadn’t heard it that way for years. The films I go to see, I am a film buff, the talking and the music even on the films I hear so well. Anyway, I have got a lot to thnk AudioHearing for. Thank you AudioHearing. Thank you Cherry and enjoy the opera!

Irene C, Brighton

Hello, my name is Margaret. I came to AudioHearing in Brighton to get my ears or hearing checked. I am very happy with it and we found out that I do need hearing aids.  I do have them and I also am able to go to places and adapt my hearing to listen to in a quite place or a noisy place and listen to conversations around me. Also, if there are any problems, I know that I can come back here and be looked after adequately by the girls in the office.

Margaret H, Brighton

Hello, I am Margaret. I have recently been to Doncaster AudioHearing and I had a very satisfying experience there. I have also had a feature added to my phone that helps me no end with heraring conversations is much clearer and very, very helpful. I really appreciate this help as hearing becomes a big problem sometimes when you can’t hear.

Margaret H, Doncaster

I have a hearing loss probably for about 20 years and it was a gradual decrease. At one stage, the physician at the facility where I was working at suggested that I go and try for hearing aid. At that stage, I was given a crossover hearing option because this here(left ear) is totally deaf apparently. I was using the crossover for 7-8 years, but then things you didn’t see people working as the way I would like them to. Then, I come across here in Brighton to AudioHearing. They suggested that I use new hearing aid that is actually fitted to my ear and they adjusted to suit my hearing problem. I found it to be very excellent and I am quite enjoying being able to hear the sounds from my left side. At the same time, being able to try different options for me, which I think going to increase and allow me to be able to communicate within a large conference rooms or meetings that I am currently attending, which is good. I certainly recommend coming heare and trialing their hearing aids.

Silvio S, Brighton

Hi, my name is Ron. When I was 1 year old, I have been deaf from Measles. All my life, I have been a complete loner, left out from all conversations. AudioHearing got me on this new hearing aids and my life has been transformed miraculously! For the first time in my life, I can hear the football. I can go to the football and talk to my friend which I couldn’t do that before AudioHearing gave me my hearing aids. I also love classical music and I couldn’t hear music at all but now I can hear Mozart. Mozart, my heart, I can do Grade 6 piano now, which takes me 30 years to say that with deafness. But I am going well and I am playing the Mozart sonatas (by deaf Beethoven). I wish I could get a time machine to get AudioHearing to visit deaf Beethoven because they would have helped him a lot to hear. Thank you for the hearing, AudioHearing. It has been life changing and the staffs here have been exceptional. They’ve programmed my hearing aids to my exact hearing loss so that I can hear my music perfectly. Music is my love to me, particularly this lovely man here (pointing at his t-shirt), Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart! Perfect! To not being able to hear for the first time in 50 years of being deaf, so AudioHearing staff will be here on hand to help me. I have rung them up in funny hours and they have been there. They have also showed me how to use the gear, the hearing gear (Hearing Aid Accessories), a microphone that help me to hear in churches for the first time. They taught me how to use that, which is a big thing because I am not very clever. They have given me a dirty hands of experience in almost being a normal person despite having a profound deafness with only 4-5% with normal man’s hearing. So, yes, thank you AudioHearing.

Ron T, South Yarra

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