Phonak Slim™


Designed for Comfort


Offering no compromise between comfort, design and performance, Phonak Slim is the perfect match for the modern world. A unique ergonomic shape contoured to naturally nestle behind your ear – even if you wear glasses. Its state-of-the-art hearing performance enables you to confidently immerse in conversations and effortlessly maneuver through life’s countless listening situations.

  • Unique ergonomic shape designed for comfort
  • Improved speech understanding
  • Universal connectivity
  • Fully rechargeable
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Winner of Hearing Technology Innovator 2023

Hearing Technology Innovator 2023

Phonak Slim is the winner of the Hearing Technology Innovator Award 2023 in the Hearing Aids Design category – Recognized by Health & Technology Matters

When combined with proven Phonak technology, Phonak Slim lets you navigate the world with renewed confidence.

Winner of Hearing Technology Innovator 2023

Comfort redefined with proven performance

63% of people rate Phonak Slim as more comfortable to wear compared to their own hearing aids and 67% of people rate Phonak Slim as more secure when wearing glasses compared to their own hearing aids. 

State-of-the-art technology

Phonak SmartSpeech™ Technology is a collection of features that AutoSense OS™ 5.0 seamlessly adapts; each feature proven to provide either improved speech understanding or reduced listening effort in many listening environments. This technology demonstrates Phonak’s dedication to providing the best possible solution for speech understanding and the topic of well-being, as scientific literature has shown how reducing listening effort can free up cognitive resources.

Boost speech understanding in noise and over distance with Roger™ microphones

Confidence, versatility and elegance come together with Roger microphones. Combining Phonak Slim and Roger On provides a unique solution to fully participate in conversations. By improving speech understanding in group conversations, Roger On allows you to be you, wherever you are.

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Phonak Charger Options

Charger Options

The Phonak Slim Charger is compact, with a sleek appearance which perfectly complements Phonak Slim, charging the hearing aids in just three hours to offer a full day of hearing.

  • Charges Phonak Slim in just 3 hours
  • Conveniently shaped with a solid stance
  • Easy to clean; easy to carry
  • Optimized charging and usability

Where comfort meets design

Comfort is one of the key factors when purchasing a hearing aid.

Phonak Slim is designed with your comfort and lifestyle in mind and is made to perfectly embody your confidence.

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Phonak Slim

Connects to smartphones and other devices

Phonak Slim pairs with the myPhonak app and Bluetooth® enabled devices to help you connect with the world around you.


Empowers hearing aid wearers to personalise their hearing experience. It allows them to not only take control of their hearing with remote control functionality, but to also track their health data, unleashing healthier versions of themselves.

Roger™ microphones

Roger is an intelligent wireless technology that transmits speech directly to Lumity hearing aids via RogerDirect™, helping to overcome distance and noise

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