Phonak Naída™ Lumity

Navigate conversations with confidence


Phonak Naída Lumity is our most powerful hearing device, robust and reliable, allowing you to embrace all opportunities and navigate conversations with confidence.

  • Priority in speech understanding with SmartSpeech Technology
  • Featuring universal connectivity with Bluetooth® enabled devices, such as smartphones, TVs, tablets and laptops
  • A personalised listening experience with myPhonak, empowering you to take control of your hearing

    Embrace the power of conversations

    Participate in conversations and enjoy meaningful connections with confidence. Naída is here to help you embrace all opportunities and overcome daily obstacles.

    Speech understanding is the focus

    Phonak SmartSpeech Technology is a collection of features that AutoSense OS™ 5.0 seamlessly adapts for people with moderate to severe HL to provide either improved speech understanding or reduced listening effort in many listening environments.

    Its set of advanced features allows you to focus more on the speaker from the front, side and back, so you can confidently navigate conversations.

    Speech Enhancer

    Helps you hear soft speech in quiet situations for better understanding from a distance.

    Connect to the world around you

    Immerse yourself in a world of connectivity with Naída Lumity. With universal connectivity you can connect to a wide range of Bluetooth® enabled devices, and stream your songs and podcasts directly through your hearing aids.

    Personalise your listening experience

    Naída Lumity connects to myPhonak and myPhonak Junior, allowing you to personalize your listening experience to suit your needs.

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    Phonak Naida Lumity Connection
    Phonak Audeo Lumity SpeechSensor

    Roger Wireless Microphones

    Naída and Roger: perfect pair for joyful conversations. When Naída Lumity hearing aids are paired with our Roger™ microphones, a powerful combination is created. Thanks to improved sound quality and clarity, users perceive less listening fatigue and more confidence, independence, social inclusion, engagement and quality of life when using a wireless microphone system like Roger technology. Research also shows significant improvement of the listening experiences of older adults in challenging communication-based group situations.

    Meet Naída Lumity

    Naída Lumity BTE hearing aids are available in different models to suit your listening needs.

    Phonak Naída L-SP


    Phonak Naída L-PR


    Phonak Naída L-UP
      Phonak Audeo Lumity Waterproof