Oticon Zircon


Celebrate life all around you

It’s time to start socializing and celebrating a life filled with sound. Thanks to life-changing BrainHearing™ technology, Oticon Zircon delivers 360° speech and clear sound from all directions, even when in noisy environments, so you can focus on the sounds you love.

  • 360° sound
  • Seamless connectivity
  • Rechargeable solutions
  • Styles and colors

Oticon Zircon Open Sound Experience

Open up to the full sound scene with OpenSound Navigator™

OpenSound Navigator* is Oticon’s powerful processing technology at the heart of the open sound experience, and delivers life-changing benefits in hearing aids at the essential level for the first time ever.

Building on Oticon’s BrainHearing philosophy, Oticon Zircon balances sound from all directions and keeps speech clear, letting you comfortably locate and focus on what you want to hear. OpenSound Navigator can reduce unwanted noise — even between words. Working at ultrafast speed, it continually rebalances your sound environment while still providing constant access to all relevant sounds and speech.

Connect with sounds all around you

Oticon Zircon creates a seamless experience to help you enjoy today’s connected world. With Oticon Zircon, you also get a wide range of connectivity options for a high-quality listening experience in everyday situations so you can go through your day with more confidence and convenience.

• Two-way hands-free phone and video calls from select iPhones and iPads and direct streaming from select Android™ devices
• Stream sound directly from your TV with Oticon’s TV adapter
• Use Oticon Companion app for easy, discreet control over the hearing aid from your fingertips
• Make hands-free calls from any smartphone or connect a remote microphone with ConnectClip
• Works with EduMic: connects directly with teachers/speaker, microphone systems, computers, tablets and more

Otcion Zircon hands free communication
Oticon Zircon Connectivity Lifestyle

Charging solutions that work wherever you go

Oticon Zircon offers a choice of rechargeable solutions to keep you powered up. The standard Oticon Desktop Charger makes daily charging easy. Just plug it in at home and charge your hearing aids while you sleep. The optional, easy-to-use and portable SmartCharger gives you the freedom to enjoy life on the go while keeping your Zircon hearing aids powered up, dry, and protected.

Oticon Zircon A comprehensive family to

meet your hearing needs

Offering a choice of rechargeable or non-rechargeable styles, the Zircon family provides a range of hearing aids that meet your needs.

• Two performance levels
• Compatible with Oticon CROS PX and Oticon CROS, for single‑sided deafness
• Includes an extensive range of connectivity options
• Available in five colors

Oticon Zircon Styles