Oticon PLAY PX


Unleash the magic of childhodd

Children are adventurous. Always looking for new experiences. Experiences filled with sounds, conversations, interactions – elements vital to children’s growth. Designed specifically with children in mind, Oticon Play PX is the world’s first pediatric hearing aid with an on-board Deep Neural network (DNN) that learned the same way children learn – through experience. Play PX utilizes life-changing technology to make sure children with hearing loss have access to important sounds in their environment to help them unleash the magic of childhood.

Oticon Play PX Unleash the magic of childhood
Oticon PlayPX Magic of childhood

Highlights and features

The world’s first pediatric hearing aid with an on-board Deep Neural Network (DNN)

Introducing a hearing aid that learned the same way children learn — through experience.


Wireless connectivity options that make a difference in a child’s ability to learn, socialize and enjoy life around them.

Rechargeability that keeps kids powered up

Offers a wide range of flexible and convenient charging solutions.

Hearing aid styles designed just for kids

Available in a wide range of styles and colors, IP68 certified and more.

MoreSound Intelligence™

Oticon Play PX features life-changing technology, MoreSound Intelligence, to make it easier for the brain to separate sounds and focus on what is important. It is made up of three parts that work together to provide the brain a more precise and natural representation of all sounds in the environment. This gives the brain clear information, making it easier to make sense of sound so children can get more out of every conversation.

Oticon Play PX
• Provides children with access to the full sound scene
• Uses a highly trained on-board Deep Neural Network (DNN) to process sounds
• Is trained with 12 million real-life sound scenes to learn how to process sounds more like the brain does
• Scans the full sound scene 500 times per second, resulting in a precise analysis of sounds
• Quickly balances distinct noise sources, so children can get more out of every conversation

Oticon Play PX EduMic classroom hearing solution
Oticon Play PX Direct streaming from children’s favorite devices


Comfortably hear all the fascinating and important details. Simply make the audio play in your hearing aids via advanced Bluetooth® Low Energy technology using a compatible device.

You can also double-tap* your Oticon Intent hearing aids to accept a call on a compatible device and keep on doing what you’re doing.

*Double-tap control only available in Oticon Intent 1, 2 & 3. See which hearing aids and devices are compatible here: oticon.com.au/compatibility.


Designed for children. Made for childhood.

Oticon Play PX offers two charging options, the standard desktop charger and portable, optional SmartCharger. Both are designed to provide convenient charging for both miniBTE R and miniRITE R models. Oticon Play PX charging solutions include

Powerful desktop charger:
• Comes with a stylish desktop charger that takes just three hours to give a full day of battery life — including streaming sound from other devices

Portable SmartCharger:
• Gives children and caregivers freedom to travel light and keep hearing aids powered, dry, and protected
• Built-in power bank makes it ideal for travel, providing at least three full hearing aid charges when device is fully charged

Oticon Play PX Rechargeability
Oticon Play PX Designed to stand up to the test of childhood

Without compromising your child’s safety and well-being


Designed with children’s active lives and safety in mind.

Tamper-resistant styles

Helps keep the battery out of reach of curious fingers.

IP68 Certified

Ensures dust- and water-resistance, to withstand humidity and varying temperatures.

Free of allergens

Excludes more than 200 potentially harmful materials including phthalates. Also painted with biocompatible paint which is safe for permanent skin contact.

LED light for complete peace of mind

Gives caregivers and teachers visual confirmation that the battery is functioning properly.

Styles and colours

Find the right style and color for you

Oticon Play PX has been designed to stand up to active young lives and with safety in mind. It is small and discreet and is available in 12 attractive colors.

You can choose to make them blend in by matching your skin tone or hair color or make them stand out like other wearable technology.

Oticon Styles and colors