Hearing aid Batteries

Hearing Aid Batteries

(6 batteries pack / 8 batteries pack)

Size 10 batteries

Size 312 batteries

Size 13 batteries

Size 675 batteries

Sizes and Colour coding for Hearing Aid Batteries

Sizes of disposable hearing aid batteries

Hearing aids come in many different sizes with different power needs. Typically hearing aids for people with severe or profound hearing loss require more power and larger batteries.

There are four sizes of hearing aid button batteries available on the market:

  • Size 10 – 5.8 mm wide by 3.6 mm high
  • Size 312 – 7.9 mm wide by 3.6 mm high
  • Size 13 – 7.9 mm wide by 5.4 mm high
  • Size 675 – 11.6 mm wide by 5.4 mm high

Color-coding for disposable hearing aid batteries

Battery packaging is colour-coded to make finding and purchasing the correct batteries easier. 

  • Size 10 batteries – yellow
  • Size 312 batteries – brown
  • Size 13 batteries – orange
  • Size 675 batteries – blue

Tips for Extending the Life of Hearing Aid Batteries

Turn the hearing aid devices off when not in use and leave the battery compartment door open overnight. Not only will this help keep battery power from being wasted, it will allow any moisture that has built up from the day’s use to evaporate overnight.

To get optimal performance from your batteries, always store them at room temperature. Heat exposure and humid environments such as a bathroom will shorten battery life.

Also, batteries shouldn’t be carried loose in pockets, a purse or a backpack where they might come into contact with other metal objects like coins or keys that can short-circuit the hearing aid batteries.

Hearing Aid Battery Brands & Where to buy

Common manufacturers of non-rechargeable hearing aid batteries include Rayovac and Energizer. However, many hearing aid manufacturers sell batteries wholesale to hearing care professionals, and the batteries may carry the brand name of that hearing aid manufacturer.

Another common practice is private labeling of batteries. This means the hearing care professional may purchase batteries wholesale and have them labeled with the name, address, phone number and logo associated with their office.

Regardless of the branding, most hearing aid batteries are made by trusted companies that produce other types of batteries for all types of electronics.

Batteries are typically available in mass retail stores, pharmacies, grocery stores, electronics stores and through online retailers.

You might also choose to purchase batteries through your local Audio Hearing Clinics where hearing care providers go through their stock of batteries quickly, many wearers feel they are getting fresher batteries.

Also, if you forget what battery size you need for your particular device, the hearing healthcare professional will ensure you are purchasing the correct one. 

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