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Save money on hearing aid batteries!

By AudioHearing
November 17, 2015

Batteries can be an expensive and yet integral part of any hearing aid users life, but by following one small step before inserting them into your hearing aids you can improve the life of your batteries by up to 85%!

Hearing Aid Batteries

Standard zinc hearing aid batteries will last much longer if you peel the tab off the back 5 minutes before inserting it into your hearing aid. Leaving the batteries un-tabbed and exposed to oxygen for this amount of time gives the zinc time to oxidise which charges up the battery.

Equally leaving a battery untabbed for much longer periods of time (ie days or weeks) will reduce the effectiveness of the battery as it begins to discharge after the 5 minute charging time.

The discovery was made by an American teenager, Ethan Manuell 14, from Rochester Minessota. Ethan has been a hearing aid user since he was four and his interest was sparked after being set an assignment by his teacher for the school science fair.

He tested the batteries using a robotic bug that he converted to hold hearing aid batteries. Then over a period of months he tested how long each battery lasted after being un-tabbed for a set amount of time.

“If you wait five minutes, you’ll get the longest battery lifespan,” says Ethan.

Not only is Ethan saving lots of people around the world a lot of money, he has also won a series of awards including a US Naval Science award and is currently nominated to win a ‘Focus on People’ award from Hearing Aid manufacturer Oticon.

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