pediatric solutions

A child is not a small adult

Because a child is not a small adult. From their initial evaluation, through to hearing aid selection, counseling and support, children’s needs are very different from those of adults.

Pediatric solutions for kids
Pediatric solution for infants and toddlers

Infants and toddlers

Opening the doorway to the brain

The ears are the doorway to the brain and a child should hear 45 million words to be ready for school. Providing the necessary solutions from an early age is essential for optimized speech, language, communication and social development skills. Children require solutions that are robust, secure, and easy for parents to use


  • Tamperproof battery doors and ear hooks. Phonak complies with and recommends the IEC standard of securing all battery compartments, mini ear hooks, and design-integrated Roger receiver options for children  up to 36 months of age so that they are tamperproof.With the Sky B PR rechargeable hearing aid there is no battery compartment to open with its fully encased lithium-ion battery makeing it an ideal tamperproof solution for little ears.
  • Water and dust resistance. Exclusively designed for kids, all Sky B models are water-resistant and dust tight (IP68 rating).  This provides security and confidence even when life gets a little wet.
  • Access to more words. As young children develop auditory brain connections, it is imperative they hear as much as possible. Using Roger at home can help a child hear more of the words required as a basis for reading
  • A clear visible signal. The easy to understand indicator light featured on all 5 Sky B BTE models provides a clear status notification of a child’s hearing aid. Parents and caregivers now have increased assurance of knowing that a child’s hearing aid is functioning correctly.

Solutions for infants and toddlers

Phonak Sky™ B, with AutoSense Sky OS,  SoundRecover2, Roger and other accessories, provide a complete hearing solution and allows a child consistent, quality access to those all-important sounds.

School-aged children

Easy solutions for growing needs

Modern classrooms are dynamic and can be challenging for children with hearing loss. They require hearing solutions which allow them to fully participate inside and outside of the classroom. The ability to hear and understand lessons can define academic success, therefore it is necessary to have solutions which are capable of keeping up with their constantly changing, interactive and often noisy world.


  • Listening made easy. Phonak Sky B features the dedicated pediatric operating system AutoSense Sky OS to ensure that kids can fully benefit from a seamless listening experience. It captures and analyzes a listening environment in real time and selects the best settings for increased comfort and ease of use. With no manual interaction required, kids can focus on more of life’s great adventures.
  • Understanding at school. When combined with a Sky B hearing aid, a Roger system provides the best possible access to a teacher’s voice. Exclusive to Phonak, directionality is available within the Roger program and allows kids to simultaneously hear a teacher at a distance and peers in close proximity.
  • Confidence is key. Roger and the Phonak Wireless Communication Portfolio enable kids to connect and communicate in any situation. With an array of easy-to-use products, children can make and receive phone calls, enjoy TV and listen to music

Solutions for School-Aged Children

The Phonak Sky™ B hearing aid family featuring AutoSense Sky OS and SoundRecover2 with an easy-to-use Roger system provides children with consistent, quality access to the sound around them. Furthermore, Sky B also allows kids to express themselves through our exclusive Mix & Match colors with 14 housing and 7 earhook colors.

Pediatric solutions for school-aged children
Phonak's Hearing Aids Pediatric solutions for teens


Discreet solutions with excellent performance

As children progress into their teen years, their world grows beyond family and school. Having quality communication with friends in social and extracurricular activities, without standing out, becomes crucial.

  • Stylish and discreet. For style-conscious, active teens who prefer a more discreet solution, Phonak RICs are the perfect confidence booster. Packed with big performance into a small device they provide the exceptional Phonak Belong hearing experience to teens with hearing loss.
  • Attractive colors. Phonak Sky B comes in an exclusive Mix & Match concept incorporating 14 hearing aid and Roger receiver colors and 7 colored ear hooks. Teens can select the perfect color combination to complement their personalities.
  • Excel at school. Hearing aids should connect to the assistive systems used in school easily. Sky B with direct audio input are RogerReady and will automatically detect the signal from a Roger microphone and activate the Roger + Mic program allowing teens to have access to the Roger signal at any point.
  • Outdoor activities and sport. The life of a teen should not be limited by the durability of their technology. The IP68 rated, water-resistant and dust tight Sky B hearing aids and dedicated Roger receivers help a teen not only hear their coach at practice but also to fully participate.
  • Keeping teens connected.  Communication in any situation with friends and family members is made easy with Roger and the Phonak Wireless Communication Portfolio. Easy-to-use products allow teens to make and receive phone calls at home or on the go, enjoy TV, listen to music and stream movies on a laptop or a tablet.

Solutions for Teens

Phonak Sky™ B wireless hearing aids not only allow teenagers to connect to their world in many individual ways, but can be customized to be as discreet or as colorful as they choose.