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Which Product Is Right For You?

There are many factors to consider when choosing your hearing instrument. Our experienced audiologist will discuss all the options clearly by considering all factors and provide you with a choice of hearing aids with different levels of technology.

Main factors that your audiologist would consider when selecting a hearing aid/s are as follows:

Type and degree of hearing loss

The nature and severity of your hearing loss is very important to consider when selecting hearing aid. Our audiologist will test your hearing to determine the exact degree and type of your hearing loss.

Ear anatomy

The size and shape of our ears varies from person to person. Some ears are big enough for an In-the-Ear hearing aid but they may not always be large enough to accommodate the smaller types that fit deep into the ear canal.

Handling hearing aids

The smaller the instrument, the smaller the controls and batteries. So if your vision is not as good as it used to be, or your fingers cannot cope with small batteries and controls, a larger instrument would be the best solution.

Cosmetic appearance

Hearing aids come in a wide variety of sizes ranging from the most discreet to the big behind the ear hearing aids. Our audiologist will discuss your personal preferences to find the style that suits you best.


Hearing aids come in various price categories. The cost reflects the highly sophisticated technology, the many years of research and development, and the customising of each device to suit the wearer.


Technology has improved the size and performance of hearing aids and also to provide the best possible sound quality. The sound quality and performance of the hearing aids, in different listening situations, depends on the level of technology used in your hearing aids. Your Audiologist will be able to help you assess the level of sophistication you need based on your individual requirements.

Communication needs and Lifestyle

It is important to consider the situations where you would like to improve your hearing. What do you want to achieve at work and at home? Telling your audiologist about your needs will help them find an appropriate solution.


Our goal is to provide you with the best possible solution for your hearing life, so your lifestyle is another important factor to consider. Does your profession demand accurate hearing? Or will your hearing instrument be mainly used during family and leisure activities? Appearance also needs to be considered. All hearing instruments come in a variety of styles and levels of technology. Your hearing professional will be able to talk to you through the difference in styles and advise as to what the best hearing solution is for you.

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