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Maintenance and Troubleshooting


Hearing aids are delicate electronic devices which will last for several years, provided they are well maintained. Here are a number of tips for looking after your hearing aids:

  • Always keep your hearing aids clean and dry.
  • Keep your hearing aids away from extreme heat and moisture
  • Make a habit of cleaning your hearing aids on a daily basis.
  • Replace a dead battery immediately
  • To preserve battery life,  open the battery door when you are not wearing your hearing aids.
  • Regularly change filters to keep wax out of your hearing aids


Here are some tips on the most common hearing device issues

Your hearing aid is dead

  • Change the battery
  • Make sure the hearing aid is turned on
  • Check that the battery is inserted correctly
  • Check the tubes and ear mould to make sure they aren’t clogged with wax
  • Verify that the battery is the correct battery size for the hearing aid and is not upside down

Your hearing aid is weak

  • Battery may need to be replaced
  • The sound outlet may be blocked with earwax – clean the mould and change the filter
  • The microphone inlet may be partially blocked – come and see our audiologist

Your hearing aid whistles

  • Make sure your hearing aid is properly inserted and isn’t for the other ear.
  • Check the volume control not to be on the loudest setting.
  • Tubing of your hearing aid may need to be replaced – come and see our audiologist.
  • Whistling may be due to having excessive ear wax in your ear canal.

Hearing aid/mould is not comfortable

  • Make sure your hearing aid is properly inserted and isn’t for the other ear.
  • Your hearing aid/mould may need to be modified – come and see our audiologist.

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